For over 20 years, Aimee Jette has worked with individuals and corporations in various professional capacities. Aimee's education and business experience have led to leadership positions in both the profit and non-profit sector. A life-long advocate for equality and the creative process, she formed Art in Common, Inc. in early 2016. Art in Common, Inc. is a community outreach non-profit charitable organization based in Ridgefield, CT whose mission is to promote creativity, increase community awareness around important social issues and foster connection across diverse populations.
The foundation of her collaborative leadership style is teamwork, mission, communication, and enthusiasm. Her non-profit attracts motivated artists and professionals dedicated to providing a safe place for community engagement and connection. A familial history of social and civic action has engendered Aimee with drive, passion, and determination. She uses her experience in film and video production, multimedia, and web design, community building and event planning to promote current and future initiatives. 

Aimee is also a recent graduate of Hofstra University’s Creative Arts Therapy Counseling program and has a private practice in Ridgefield, CT. Additionally, she plans to supplement her skills in civic engagement and community art with her passion for Art Therapy to advance the efforts of communicating the importance of equality across diverse populations. As part of her strong belief to give back to the community, she has contributed consulting services to support disaster relief efforts, non-profit organizations, at-risk-youth, artists, and musicians.

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