The following are directive examples to be used for portfolio purposes.

Rites of Passage Altered Book for Teens with Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Purpose: The purpose of this exercise is to help teens create a Rites of Passage Passport Altered book and then discuss what she’ll need to accomplish these goals.
Theory: Mindfulness, Gestalt, Behavioral

Sock Puppet Making for Children with Trauma

Purpose: Resolve past childhood/ family issues, leading to less anger and depression, greater self-esteem, security, and confidence.
Theory: Psychoanalytic, Mindfulness,

Problem solving through book-making for clients with PTSD

Purpose: Teach the client a guided self-dialogue procedure in which she learns to recognize maladaptive self-talk, challenges its biases, copes with generated feelings, overcomes avoidance, and reinforces accomplishments.
Theory: Psychoanalytic, Mindfulness, Gestalt, CBT

Drawing Inside an Empty Head on and off Meds for Bipolar I     and Bipolar II Disorder

Purpose: To explore feelings and conversation around what it feels like to be on and off medication. Often clients on medication for Bipolar disorder experience side effects such as lethargy, changes in thinking, drowsiness, muscle spasms. Clients report a “cap on their emotions” or an inability to “think like they used to”. 

Mask Making for clients with Schizophrenia

Purpose: Identify and change self-talk and beliefs that interfere with recovery. Change negative thoughts into positive ones. Help client to increase self-concept and bolster belief system about self for the better.

Theory: Psychoanalytic, Mindfulness, CBT

Wire Sculpture for Clients with Substance Use Disorder in Recovery

Purpose: The purpose of this exercise is to allow each participant time to focus on creating something that symbolizes something abstract that most people don’t fully understand, which is the flow of electrical current. The participant builds a piece that cannot be powered by them, it must be powered by something greater than them. They are creating sculpture that can be lit up from the inside, using something that is not them. 

Theory: Jungian and Mindfulness